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from the chair

It is my privilege to serve as Chairman of the Town of

Greenwich Parks & Recreation Foundation, which strives to make a great community even better. The Foundation provides resources to Town park beautification and recreational experiences by enhancing existing programs, services, and facilities. We are also committed to our Youth Scholarship Fund, supporting excellence in public leisure services and ensuring access to Parks & Recreation programs for all residents, regardless of their physical, social, and economic circumstances. 

Your donation to the Town of Greenwich Parks and Recreation Foundation helps fund new projects, upgrade existing facilities, and maintain quality recreational offerings for which Greenwich is known. Thank you for investing in Greenwich recreation.

Scott Johnson
Chairman, Town of Greenwich Parks and Recreation Foundation

Town of Greenwich Parks and Recreation Foundation Members consist of four members of the Board of Parks and Recreation, a Town of Greenwich BET liaison, a Town of Greenwich RTM liaison and a First Selectman Nominee.

Sue Bodson

Ex - Officio
Joseph Siciliano, Director Parks & Recreation

Walter J, McKeever Company, LLC.
15 Valley Drive
Greenwich, CT 06831
Main Number (203) 622-8625
Fax (203) 622-4170

Contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law.


Please become a friend of the Town of Greenwich Parks and Recreation Foundation. We help fund the magnificent outdoor spaces, amenities, and children's camp, sports, and recreation scholarships so that Greenwich continues to be a wonderful place to live.


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